CooeeMC Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Cooee come from?

Cooee is a shout used in Australia, usually in the bush to attract attention, find missing people, or indicate one's own location. (Source)

Who is hosting the server and website?

The server is hosted with Stipe with their Australian servers and our website is hosted with zfast.

When is CooeeMC's Birthday?

CooeeMC celebrates its birthday on the 4th of April.

What are the rules?

  1. No griefing or stealing anything that isn't yours. This means if you do not own it, place it, have permission to use it, then leave it alone.
  2. Respect all players and staff members.
  3. No spamming chat. Includes excessive or duplicated messages.
  4. Keep it PG. This includes buildings, conversations and renamed items.
  5. Play fairly. No xraying or hacking.
  6. No advertising other servers or IPs.
  7. If it lags it goes. No if or buts. This includes no 0/1-tick farms. We will remove them
  8. No offensive content, harrassment or bullying of any kind. This includes names, skins and conversations.
  9. English Only. This is an English speaking server. Use English for all forms of communication within the server.
  10. Staff ruling is final. Just because a rule is not listed here doesn't mean that you're free to do it. If you are told to stop, you do so immediately.

How do I make money?

You can make money two ways:
Voting - Using the /vote command players can vote daily for $100 per site voted on and recieve 1 golden carrot and a vote key.
Shops - Selling items at the server shop at /spawn is another way to make a quick buck.

What do the coloured usernames mean?

These are our ranks.
Grey - New players who haven't registered for membership
Blue - Registered Members
Green - Donator (One of our paid ranks. Donator is a one off payment of $10)
Teal - Supporter (One of our paid ranks. Supporter is monthly subscription rank)
Yellow - Champion (Winner of a server competition)
Purple - Retired Staff member
Orange - Trainee Moderator
Red - Moderator
Dark Red - Administrator

How many homes can I have?

Newbie - 3
Member - 5
Donator - 20
Supporter - 25
Champion - 15
Retired Staff - 20
Trainee Moderator - 30
Moderator - 30
Administrator - 50

How many auctions can I have?

Members and above have a limit of 5 auctions at any one time regardless of rank.

Is there a shop?

Yes, we have a shop keeper at the central island at /spawn. Donators can access it from the survival world using /shop

What plugins are we using?

CooeeMC uses a number of different plugins such as, but not limited to:
BetterRTP, BlockLocker, CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, Essentials, HeadDatabase, Multiverse, PVP Manager, TAB, Vault, Veinminer, Worldborder, WorldEdit and WorldGuard.

I want to use mods, am I allowed to?

Yes, you can use mods however they must not give you an advantage over other players or break the rules. Mods such as Just Enough Items (JEI), Appleskin, WAILA, Optifine, Inventory Tweeks, Mouse Tweeks and Xaero's Minimap (Fair-play edition) are perfectly fine.

Is PVP Enabled?

Yes, players have the option to particiapte or not with the /pvp command to activate/deactivate it. Players cannot change it again for an hour.

Is there land claim?

Landclaim is only available to donator and supporters or those who purchase the 100x100 region donation add-on. We do however have a locking system to protect your chests, doors, furnaces, shulkers etc.

How do you lock chests with hoppers?

Hoppers (minecart hoppers too!) cannot take or put items, unless a [Redstone] tag is added to the sign, you can also place the sign on the hopper. Redstone contraptions cannot open protected doors, unless a [Redstone] tag is added as well.
More information about the blocklocker: Click here