Member Command List

/afk - Sets your status to Away from Keyboard. This also automatically happens after a few minutes of being inactive.
/ah - Opens the auction house.
/ah sell - Sells an item to the auction house.
/as info - Shows information about the shops.
/as me - Displays information about any shop(s) you may have.
/as rent - Rents a player shop from the market.
/as tp - Teleports you to a specific shop.
/as unrent - Unrents a shop you have rented.
/balance - Displays your current dollarydoos.
/balancetop - Shows the richest players on CooeeMC.
/back - Takes you back to your last position. Useful if you just died.
/blocklocker name/text/rank - To access the blocklocker command, you need to first place a sign on a Chest, Barrel, Anvil, Furnace, Workbench or any other lockable block. Click the sign then type into the chat the following command. The value can be a player name, rank or an object. If you need to add more names, just add another sign.
/dailyrewards - Collect your daily login bonus.
/delhome - Deletes the your selected home.
/discord link - Links your account to our discord channel.
/discord linked - Checks to see what discord your account is linked to.
/discord unlink - Allows you to unlink your account.
/help - Brings up the command list in chat.
/home - Takes you to your selected home.
/ignore - Allows you to ignore another player.
/jobs browse - Browse the available jobs you can join.
/jobs join - Join a specific job available to you.
/jobs leave - Leave a job you are currently in.
/kit - Displays the available kits to you.
/kit - Gives you the kit you have available.
/mail send - Send a message to another player.
/mail read - Read any message you currently have.
/mail clear - Removes any message you have read.
/me - Posts an action in chat.
/motd - Displays the message of the day.
/pay - Pays another player.
/ping - Responds with Pong to judge if you have any lag.
/realname - Displays a players real name if they have a nickname enabled.
/rtp - Randomly teleports you to a spot on the server /rules - Displays the server rules.
/seen - Informs on when the player was last online.
/sethome - Creates a home.
/shop create - Allows you to create a shop providing you are holding the item you are selling/buying in your hand. After the command click on the chest to activate. Check the sign board near the market for more information.
/spawn - Sends you back to the world spawn.
/suicide - Says it all.
/ticket - Opens the ticket GUI /time - Tells you the ingame time.
/tpa - Request to teleport to another player.
/tpaccept - Accepts the teleport request.
/tpahere - Request another player to teleport to you.
/vote - Brings up a list of voting sites. Each vote gives out rewards.
/vote leaderboard - Displays a list of the top 5 voters for a specific period.
/warp - Displays the list of warps available.
/warp - Warps you to the location you selected.
/xpbank - Opens the Experience Bank menu.
/gods - Opens the god interface
/ghelp - Helps you navigate the commands
/glist - Lists all the current gods
/gmarry - Allows you to marry
/gmarrytp - Teleports you to your partner
/gmarrygift - Gives the items your holding to your partner
/gdivorce - Allows you to divorce
/gleave - Abandon the god you worship
/gaccept - Accepts pending requests
/gdeny - Denies pending requests
/grank - Ranks a member in your religion if your the leader
/gdemote - Demote a member in your religion if your the leader
/ginvite - Invites a player to your religion
/ginfo - Gives you information about your god and you
/gbuy - Opens the buying interface
/gsacrifice - Opens the sacrifice interface
/gtype - Allows leaders to change their god type
/playtime - Shows you how long you have played on the server for
/uptime - Shows the server uptime

Builder and Donator Commands
Builder only Donator only.
//wand - Gives the world edit wand (wooden axe).
/brush smooth

/hat - Turns what you are holding into a new hat.
/co i - turns on coreprotect inspector.
/co help - See what commands you can use for CoreProtect.
/jump - Jump ahead a few blocks *currently faulty*
/stack - Stack items in your inventory *currently faulty*
/enderchest - Opens your enderchest.
/workbench - Open a workbench.
/nick - Changes your nickname.
/thru - Lets you travel through a block.
/trail - Opens the trails menu.
/veinminer toggle - Toggles veinminer on and off.
/hdb - Opens the head database.
/rg i - Gives you information about the region you are in.
/rg addmember - Adds a player to a specific region.
/rg removemember - Removes a player from a specified region.
/rg flag - Change the region properties.

Plugin Commands
/MyPet - Shows all available myPet commands.
/petinfo - Shows information about a players pet.
/petname - Changes your pet's name.
/petrelease - Releases your pet.
/petcall - Calls your pet to you.
/petsendaway - Sends away your pet.
/petswitch - Switches between your pets.
/petstore - Stores your active pet.
/petshop - Opens the pet shop menu.
/petskill - Shows information about the skills of your pet.
/petstop - Stops your pet attacking their target.
/petchooseskilltree - Sets a skill tree for you pet.
/petinventory - Opens your pet's inventory.