CooeeMC – May Updates

How is everyone keeping safe with the COVID-19 situation? School is returning to normal slowly, people are starting to return to work so the server is starting to become quiet once again. That doesn’t mean the staff are not working hard, in fact we just hired two new moderators. Kelrath1985 and P4RTYB0Y237. Both passed their trials and are now continuing to learn the ropes around these parts, so don’t be too hard on them if they can’t help you straight away with a problem. We also congratulate _Fungus and rudyapt on their recent promotion to administrators.

June will be bringing in a few new changes. We will be opening up applications for event staff to assist our Event Co-ordinator Joseynator1410. This role will not change your in game rank but it will give you a shiny new colour on the discord. Applications will open on the 1st of June so keep an eye out on the announcement board. We will also be announcing a change to the server on the 1st that I will keep hidden for now.

You also voted for a new member voice channel and you got it. You can access it below the original one. Just remember our discord rules apply. We also extended the build off event by another week to give those participating a chance to finish up. Once the event is finished we will open the world to everyone for voting. I will open a discord channel for the voting so be sure to visit the build off world.

That’s about it for this months updates. Keep safe and see you around Cooee