Whats New – October 2019

What’s this? What’s this? There’s colour everywhere, whats is this? ahem, sorry I promise not to sing again…
So what is new at CooeeMC? Well for a start we have our very own resource packs courtesy of FungusKing_III and Intellectuality. They can be accessed from the website under the CooeeMC heading. We also re-vamped the Resource Pack page with helpful videos to explain how to download and install resource packs, shaders and optifine.

You may also notice some changes in items on the server, we have added a mmoitems plugin to help with the future events coming to the server. Halloween is coming up fast, events for this will begin around the 16th of October. We are still ironing out the details on both the event and plugin so hold tight on this. Any item that isn’t normal put aside for a later date.

Besides the mmoitems plugin we have added a few others in, some for use now and others in the future of the server. Sleeping has gone back to being just one person for now as the plugin kept being spammed by players even after asked to stop. If this new one is spammed sleeping WILL be disabled.

The redstone competition has finished and judging has also been concluded. Congratulations to those who participated in the event, you have been ranked as follows. Places 1-3 have qualified for the Redstone Engineer rank on discord, please rudyapt to accept. If anybody would like their individual results also contact rudyapt.

  1. BeeverFeever
  2. IAmNotSexy
  3. Apendix99
  4. WhiteBlade
  5. Haseung / FungusKingIII
  6. HighVoltage
  7. rudyapt3
  8. Joseynator / JackRydr
  9. Harriboo
  10. TML

The rules of the server have also been updated. Please make yourself familiar with them as you will not have any excuse to not know them.

  1. No griefing or stealing anything that isnt yours. This means if you do not own it, place it, have permission to use it, then leave it alone.
  2. Respect all players and staff members.
  3. No spamming chat. Includes excessive or duplicated messages.
  4. Keep it PG. This includes buildings and conversations.
  5. Play fairly. No Xraying or hacking
  6. No advertising other servers or IPs.
  7. If it lags it goes. No if or buts
  8. No offensive content, harassment or bulling of any kind. This includes skins, names and conversations.
  9. English only. This is an English speaking server. Use English for all forms of communication within the server.

Build Off #3 – Godly Creatures

Theme: Godly Creatures
Description: Build a deity shrine dedicated to one of the members of staff on the server. Not sure who is staff? DraconisChaser, CrazyPie27, FungusKing_III, rudyapt, ScrubKatt, SkarCreva, apendix99, _Becaaa, Harriboo and Intellectuality.
Open: 14th September 2019, 19:00 AEST
Close: 15th October 2019, 22:00 AEDST
Type: Solo
Location: /warp buildoff


  1. Build within the 50×50 borders.
  2. Must fit the theme
  3. Name must be placed on a sign in the corner of the plot with your name and who the shrine is for.
  4. Follow the server rules
  5. Must be completed and valid to be judged
  6. World edit is NOT permitted (we will know if it is used)
  7. Build must be completed on your own. No help is allowed from other players.
  8. Staff who participate can not build a shrine to themselves.


First place: One month Champion rank, $10,000 Cooee Dollarydoos and a special prize pack.
Second place: $5,000 Cooee Dollarydoos
Third place: $2,500 Cooee Dollarydoos
Participation: $1,000 Cooee Dollarydoos

Please contact staff to claim a plot for this build off.

New Staff

Staff applications have once again come and gone and we had a fantastic response with 12 applicants this time around. We have whittled down the applications down to 4 who will now go on into the trial moderator phase. These new TMods will be on trial for the next 30 days

Please welcome our new TMods.
Harriboo, Intellectuality, apendix99 and _Becaaa.

Thank you to everyone who had applied, your applications were a great insight into our players on CooeeMC and we hope that you apply the next time we open applications.

Build Competition #2 Winners

With the second CooeeMC build competition official closed the winners have been decided. Three staff members who had not participated in the build competition judged each entry without bias in 5 categories out of 10 points.

Participants were judged on the appropriateness to theme, originality of their build, level of detail, visual appeal and overall impression. Giving each participant the chance to score a maximum of 150 points in total. Only the airship itself was judged to keep all scoring fair.

As a reminder, all participants were in the running for the following prizes:
First Place: One month supporter rank, $10,000 Cooee Dollarydoos and their build placed above spawn
Second Place: $5,000 Cooee Dollarydoos
Third Place: $2,500 Cooee Dollarydoos
Participation: $1,000 Cooee Dollarydoos

So how did participants score?
First place : Plot 1 – rudyapt – 127 points
Second place: Plot 13 – Slumpzilla – 120 points
Third place: Plot 9 – Mozzie91 – 115 points
Congratulations to the winners.

Other participants scored the following:
Plot 5 – BeeverFeever95 – 109 points
Plot 7 – Intellectuality – 109 points
Plot 10 – I_Penguin__ – 109 points
Plot 12 – Aimway921 – 107 points
Plot 2 – FungusKing_III – 95 points
Plot 3 – Badmac25 – 81 points
Plot 6 – apendix99 – 80 points
Plot 11 – Insainwhiteboy(Tawoombie) – 56 points
Plot 15 – _Becaaa – 56 points
Plot 4 – Haseung01 – 0 points
Plot 8 – ScrubKatt – 0 points

Thank you to everyone who participated in this server event. The next event will be a redstone competition hosted by rudyapt. More information on this can be found on our discord.

Build Competition #2 – Airships

Theme: Air Ships
Open: 15th July 2019, 22:00 AEST
Close: 15th August 2019, 22:00 AEST
Type: Solo
Location: /warp buildoff


  1. Build within the 50×50 borders.
  2. Must fit the theme
  3. Name must be placed on a sign in the corner of the plot
  4. Follow the server rules
  5. Must be completed and valid to be judged
  6. World edit is NOT permitted (we will know if it is used)
  7. Build must be completed on your own. No help is allowed from other players.


First place: One month supporter rank, $10,000 Cooee Dollarydoos and their build added to spawn.
Second place: $5,000 Cooee Dollarydoos
Third place: $2,500 Cooee Dollarydoos
Participation: $1,000 Cooee Dollarydoos

Please contact staff to claim a plot for this build off.

What’s New – July 2019

Another month has passed by on CooeeMC and with it another load of plugins and datapacks have come and gone while we work on making the server a unique place for everyone to enjoy. This month we mostly saw a number of updates to existing plugins, a small handful of new plugins/datapacks and the removal of old ones that have run its course. We also updated our ranks which I will explain later in this post.

One of the newest additions this month was the bloodmoon datapack which gives mobs a buff on the 7th night. These buffs vary from mob to mob as listed below. When the blood moon rises you cannot sleep, so good luck 🙂 Also every 144 nights the blood moon will become stronger currently we are on level 2 but if it becomes far too difficulty it will be reset back to level 1.

So what else was added in? Marriage master is our new plugin, yes this means you can now marry another player on the server at the church of our lady Pugman found at spawn. You will need to speak to a priest/priestess to perform the ceremony (any staff member). We will have some limitations on this, you can only get married to one player at a time and if you divorce you must wait 30 days before asking us to marry you again.

As for our datapacks we have now added in Blast furnace extender, so you can use it for more items, blood moon (listed above), item frame colours, kill empty boats (admin command), moveable cakes, mob health bars, rotten flesh curer and lastly stone cutter damage.

Finally our ranks, only changes that were made is the subscription donator rank is now called supporter and will remain dark cyan and the builder rank is now issued to players helping with server builds and will be a light cyan colour. Donators will also be able to edit their regions once again as I fixed the issue with people editing global regions.

You can no longer select all flags only select ones will work, they are as follows: use, passthrough, interact, chest-access, ride, tnt, vehicle-place/destroy, lighter, creeper-explosion, other-explosion, mob-spawning, lightning, snow-melt/fall, ice-melt/form, entry/exit, greeting/farewell.
This means you cannot add owners to your region this will now only be for the ones who’s regions are combined.

Have a good one,
CooeeMC Staff