Build Competition #2 – Airships

Theme: Air Ships
Open: 15th July 2019, 22:00 AEST
Close: 15th August 2019, 22:00 AEST
Type: Solo
Location: /warp buildoff


  1. Build within the 50×50 borders.
  2. Must fit the theme
  3. Name must be placed on a sign in the corner of the plot
  4. Follow the server rules
  5. Must be completed and valid to be judged
  6. World edit is NOT permitted (we will know if it is used)
  7. Build must be completed on your own. No help is allowed from other players.


First place: One month supporter rank, $10,000 Cooee Dollarydoos and their build added to spawn.
Second place: $5,000 Cooee Dollarydoos
Third place: $2,500 Cooee Dollarydoos
Participation: $1,000 Cooee Dollarydoos

Please contact staff to claim a plot for this build off.

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