What’s New – July 2019

Another month has passed by on CooeeMC and with it another load of plugins and datapacks have come and gone while we work on making the server a unique place for everyone to enjoy. This month we mostly saw a number of updates to existing plugins, a small handful of new plugins/datapacks and the removal of old ones that have run its course. We also updated our ranks which I will explain later in this post.

One of the newest additions this month was the bloodmoon datapack which gives mobs a buff on the 7th night. These buffs vary from mob to mob as listed below. When the blood moon rises you cannot sleep, so good luck 🙂 Also every 144 nights the blood moon will become stronger currently we are on level 2 but if it becomes far too difficulty it will be reset back to level 1.

So what else was added in? Marriage master is our new plugin, yes this means you can now marry another player on the server at the church of our lady Pugman found at spawn. You will need to speak to a priest/priestess to perform the ceremony (any staff member). We will have some limitations on this, you can only get married to one player at a time and if you divorce you must wait 30 days before asking us to marry you again.

As for our datapacks we have now added in Blast furnace extender, so you can use it for more items, blood moon (listed above), item frame colours, kill empty boats (admin command), moveable cakes, mob health bars, rotten flesh curer and lastly stone cutter damage.

Finally our ranks, only changes that were made is the subscription donator rank is now called supporter and will remain dark cyan and the builder rank is now issued to players helping with server builds and will be a light cyan colour. Donators will also be able to edit their regions once again as I fixed the issue with people editing global regions.

You can no longer select all flags only select ones will work, they are as follows: use, passthrough, interact, chest-access, ride, tnt, vehicle-place/destroy, lighter, creeper-explosion, other-explosion, mob-spawning, lightning, snow-melt/fall, ice-melt/form, entry/exit, greeting/farewell.
This means you cannot add owners to your region this will now only be for the ones who’s regions are combined.

Have a good one,
CooeeMC Staff

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