New year, new Cooee!

As we step forward into 2020 CooeeMC will be leaving its old self behind. This means a few changes around here; New rules, new map, new plugins, new competitions, and maybe even a few other new reveals later in the year!

Wait! New map? Yes you read that right. A new map WILL be coming to CooeeMC by the end of the month. We polled it, you voted for now rather than waiting for the nether update. So when the nether does get updated we may just need to reset the nether world.

So what about these new rules? We revised the current rules and decided that one has been omitted for a little too long:

Rule 10: Staff ruling is final.

Just because a rule is not listed here, doesn’t mean that you are free to do it. If you are told to stop, you do so immediately. Running off to another member of staff will not be tolerated.

Lastly the new plugins and competitions. We are currently testing out a new shop plugin for the server shop but the player shop will remain the way it is. Voting will also give you a voting key. You can redeem this at the vote crate at spawn effective today. Jobs will be leaving us when we reset however you can make money by completing quests, selling at the shop and voting (You can even win money in the crate).

When we update we will be running another build off competition with a chance to have your build placed in survival. Video and graphic artists will have their chance to shine in the coming months too. If you have an idea for a competition or an event be sure to let us know. This is our server after all.

Let’s make 2020 a year to remember!

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