What’s new – January 2020

CooeeMC has a new map! This is not a drill, I repeat, this is NOT a drill. We are now running on 1.15.2 with a whole new map, new spawn, new plugins and a new datapack! There is also a few other new additions coming our way over the next couple of weeks.

Let’s start with the new map. We finally released the 2020 map to the public on the 29th January after a long wait. rudyapt, rudyapt3, _Fungus, Joseynator1410, SkarCreva and OfficialBabyYoda all worked extremely hard on the new viking inspired spawn which to be brutally bias, looks amazing.

While we have new worlds and there is all new loot to be grabbed DON’T BE GREEDY. Share the wealth with others on the server and those that will join the server. This includes going to the end and taking more then 1 elytra for yourself. We will confiscate and repeat offenders will be banned from the end.

We have said goodbye to a handful of older plugins that we will no longer be using like jobs, player heads, xpbank, payrespecc, chairs, and a few other staff related ones. There is however a few new plugins such as Quests, advanced achievements, MythicalMobs, Advanced Army Stands, Crates and the return of the Auction House.

Some features are not fully implemented yet and are on their way like the shops. We are just waiting on the plugins to update or for the files to be configured fully. So watch this space.

Build Off #5 information will be released next week. The winner of the Christmas Build Off was Luna. We will also be opening staff applications shortly for an Event Moderator. This will need an active member who will run and create regular events for the server besides the build offs.

SkarCreva has created a video showcasing our spawn. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can view it below.

Last thing, the 1.14.4 map is available to download via discord in the announcement board. Enjoy

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