Minecraft 1.16 – What it means for CooeeMC

With the release of 1.16 due out in just a few short days, it is time to lay all our cards out on the table and tell you what will be happening on CooeeMC with a quick FAQ.

“When are we updating?”

We will be updating once our core plugins have released 1.16 versions. This may take a few days to a few weeks. Once we are ready to update we will make an announcement with the time and date the update will occur. Please be patient.

“Will the whole server reset?”

No. We will only be resetting the nether for this update. The over world will not be reset until 2021, and the end gets reset every couple of months when we feel it is due.

“Will veinminer work with the update?”

Veinminer will work for most blocks as normal, however I will be removing some blocks such as gravel, netherrack and obsidian for example.

“Will the shop be updated for the new items?”

Yes, we have already placed a section in to the server shop to hold the new items we will be selling. After a couple of months we will begin to intergrate them with the rest of the shop in their respective catagories. At this point we may consider re-evaluating the prices of items in the server shop and making adjustments as needed.

“Will netherite be obtainable in the crates?”

We will add it in over time but it will be at a much lower percentage to win. We will also replace the diamond tools and armour in the rare crate with the netherite equivalent without enchantments on them at a decreased chance of obtaining over other items in the crate.

“Can I build on the nether roof?”

Once the update has occured we ask that all players not build on the nether roof until such times we have given the all clear. We will be running a poll in the announcement board regarding this over the next few days.

“Is the next build off going to have a nether theme?”

Well, yes. The next build off theme will be “Nether Portal”. We will open sign ups for this when we update. So until then have a play with the new blocks and come up with a winning design. Catch is, no bigger then 25×25 🙂 The winner will have their portal as the one linking the survival spawn to the nether.

Have fun, keep safe and remember to vote 🙂

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